Do you Believe is it Real or Fiction

Do you Believe Is it Real or Fiction is a real-life story that gives readers an in-depth look of author Scott Chally’s childhood, family, teen years, the years spent in the service, running a business and all the good and bad in his life until he lost it when he was put in the hospital and then diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder/schizo affective disorder. This is a true life story which takes readers on a journey through the author’s mind and…..

Scott Chally Believes

This autobiography of Scott Chally is extremely unique with a two-dimensional twist, you could say. It starts out innocently enough from the beginning of Scott Chally’s life. It weaves in and out throughout the everyday life of a boy or a man from small-town Iowa. He ends up with situations that are considered to be stressful or of uncertain times, but he always seems to push forward in life. For the first thirty-four years of his life, it speaks of…..

The Beeping Brothers Road To Success

So it starts out as these two boys going to school in 7th grade. One of the boys get into a dilemma and the other boy helps him out with a bully. Then it skips ten years to 2017 where the story picks up where both of the boys live at one of the boy’s parents house. They soon start a delivery business hauling for a lumber company. They have others helping them out hauling all kinds of delivery’s for…..

Zamm Boola

Zamm Boola from author Scott Chally is a thriller suspenseful mystery book. Scott Chally brings four major characters of friendship to life in this story. The four characters all are around 30 years old. There from a junior high school district of a small suburb in Los Angeles California. One of the friends researches his family history back during the time of slavery in America and finds out they came from Zamm Boola Africa. The four friends set up a trip…..

The Billionaire’s Mansion Game

The Billionaire’s Mansion Game is like playing the game of Clue in such a fashion where the individuals that stay in the mansion have to figure out different clues and messages in order to get out of the mansion. There are ten people to start the game which are informed that there are ten briefcases hidden in one location within the mansion which they will have to find. Each briefcase has a million dollars in them, which is to get…..

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