Microad is a book of a wonderful bazar thriller of a psychopath crazed person inflicting life disabling harm to others for a sense of one’s self-righteous joy for justices and wellbeing. It starts out as a gentleman of around 30 years of age that is a 4th grade school teacher which slips up in life and seams to spiral in a down direction in society which he finds justice for himself to afflict harm on others that do wrong to him. This man is mentally unstable as the story goes along bring havoc to anyone he feels have done him wrong which brings him pleasure. The individuals that are disabled from him no longer can function in life, they loose there memory and body functions. After the man commits the disabling crime to the individuals in the story the authority’s and others are unable to sense it is a crime but also can’t figure out how these individuals became disabled over night to where they can’t no longer function in society.
This exciting novel has suspense like no other that will keep you at the edge wondering what’s going to happen next. Will the man in the story be brought to justice or will the crimes continue? The mystery in the story is like none other heard about or read. This will give you the creeps if this could really happen in our everyday society with a delusional crazed maniac acting in revenge.
I had just started writing on “Microad”; it will be released at a later time! Please spread the word about my books to friends and others. Thank you Scott Chally!

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Will be released at a later time!

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