The Billionaire’s Mansion Game!

The Billionaire’s Mansion Game!

The Billionaire’s Mansion Game is like playing the game of Clue in such a fashion where the individuals that stay in the mansion have to figure out different clues and messages in order to get out of the mansion. There are ten people to start the game which are informed that there are ten briefcases hidden in one location within the mansion which they will have to find. Each briefcase has a million dollars in them, which is to get divided up equally with whoever makes it out the mansion with in the twenty four hours that they have.

There are five really rich gentlemen that play this game from another location from surveillance cameras of the mansion that wager bets to each other about what will happen with the ten people as time move’s along. The ten people have to find 7 keys within the mansion to unlock a door. There are different riddles and messages along the way in order to find the keys. There are also nine obstacles or tetras situations to overcome inside of the mansion that could take their lives, if there not careful.

At any given time anyone of the ten people may quit the game and leave, but will not receive any money for playing the game if they quit. The individual’s cell phones are taking away at the start of the game. Also none of the ten players knew they were going to be playing for a million dollars prior to entering the mansion. They were set up by the 5 wealthy gentlemen giving out vacations on different radio stations from bogus charities to Europe prior to coming to the mansion. None of the individual’s knew where they were while they had arrived at the mansion. This story has many twist, suspenseful moments and wonder’s as you read along.

(The song Feel Invincible then is played. Later on Monday afternoon the ones that hosted the foundation of the “Lesbians For Us” has a meeting on the patio next to the pool in a well-developed Hollywood mansion with waterfall fountains and statues in the garden in the backyard. There are five gentlemen all very, very wealthy sitting around the shaded patio table and their names are Samuel Jackson, Bruce Willis, Danny DeVito, Ray Liotta and Al Pacino. Bruce and Al has a laptop computer open on the table, Danny is smoking a large cigar while a female servant comes up to the table.)
Servant. May I get anything for you gentleman?
Al. An ice tea would be great.
Samuel. I’ll take a gin and juice.
Danny. Bring out a bottle of bourbon and some ice sweet cheeks.
Ray. I’ll take a Bud Lite beer.
Bruce. A pitcher of water and some ice would be great.
Servant. Give me a couple minutes I’ll be right out with it.
Samuel. So how are we looking as far as what people we have for the mansion game?
Bruce. We have all 10 that are going to participate. But of course they don’t know they’re going to participate yet. It is even as far as guy to girl ratio. There are five girls and five guys. Three couples two single girls and two single guys.
Danny. That’ll be pretty interesting maybe we’ll see a little action for nighttime of the single guys and girls. What are their ages?
Al. Well the married couple, Joanie and Cliff is 31 and 33. Then we have Mindy and Marissa they’re both around 21. Then we have Franco and Anita which are couple that plan on getting married in October which were high school sweethearts and they are both 23 years old. We have Ken and Anthony which are single and good friends there off for the summer time from UCLA they have one more year left of college they’re both 21 years of age as well. Last but not least we have Derek and Simone. There are couples as well and they have been going out for a year, but Derek is 21 and Simone is 23.
Samuel. That’s cool and all but is there any black people.
Al. Anthony is half black and Simone and Derek are also black. Franco and Anita are Hispanic and the rest are Caucasian.
Samuel. I’ll take Simone and Derek for my couple for when we bet.
Bruce. Hold on Samuel we can bet against different people in this game but for assigned couples they have to be drawn out of a hat to which couple you will get from each of the winning couples that had won the vacation. We all put in $10 million apiece per person and it will be divided up at the end of the game to whoever survives from each of our assigned couples. If one or both of the individuals that we have assigned as a pair survive we will get a percentage from the overall survivors of the hundred million dollars that was put in for the initial bet.
Samuel. I’m black and I want to have black players.
Bruce. Well Samuel if one of us individuals draw Simone and Derek want to trade their couple for an offer on the table that you present, we can do this. If they feel good about whom you have as a couple you could buy and then trade their couple off of them at that time.
Servant. Here is your ice tea. And I have your gin and juice Sir. I also have a Bud Lite for you. I’ll be right back with your bottle of bourbon and bucket of ice then and I will also get the picture of water for you Bruce.
Danny. (Flirts with the servant.) If you’d like sweet cheeks you can come and join us and sit on my lap, “just grab an extra glass and I’ll pour you some bourbon.”
Servant. Oh, I really couldn’t do that!
Bruce. It’s okay Sandy, if you feel like it you’re free to do it, I don’t mind.
Servant Sandy. That’s okay Bruce I want to be true to you as a servant, so I’m not going to mess around. Plus I don’t want to impose on your meeting. I’ll be right back with the bourbon, ice and pitcher of water.
Bruce. I think now would be a good time to draw the names of who we’re going to get. Does it matter who draws first?
Ray. I don’t mind I’ll draw first.
Samuel. Why should you get the draw first, I want to draw first.
Ray. I’ll draw second then, that’s fine with me.
Bruce. I’m okay with whatever, I’ll draw last. It’s better for it to be destined to who you will get. Al and Danny what about you two and how do you feel on drawing.
Al. I’m with you Bruce whatever.
Danny. I’ll take third draw.
Bruce. (Bruce writes the paired names down on paper for which they will be, then rips each paired name from the paper and folds them up.) Okay Danny, may I use your hat.
Danny. Sure!
Servant Sandy. Sir, I have your bourbon here! Bruce here is your picture water and the bucket of ice you two can share.
Danny. Thanks, “your mighty fine looking Sandy,” you sure you don’t want to billionaire sugar daddy to fool around with.
Servant Sandy. I actually have a boyfriend that I am engaged too. Sorry!
Danny. What would you want for one night stand with me? Name your price.
Servant Sandy. What about $1 billion dollars.
Danny. Sweet cheeks you ain’t worth that much.
Servant Sandy. Well that’s my offer. If you want me it’ll cost you. (Sandy begins to walk off.)
Bruce. Thanks Sandy! Okay! (As he puts the folded pieces of paper in the hat.) We have the order of Samuel first, Ray second, Danny third Al fourth and finally me I’ll draw last. (Bruce holds out the hat to Samuel. Samuel then draws the first two people for the game.)
Samuel. I got the white folks. Joanie and Cliff the married couple.
Ray. (Ray Draws) I’ve got Franco and Anita that Hispanics. (With a little laugh.)
Danny. (Danny Draws) I’ve got Mindy and Marissa. Oh yeah, I feel good about them, maybe there lesbians.
Al. (Al Draws) Ken and Anthony. What you think Samuel do you want to buy Ken and Anthony off of me for $1 million.
Samuel. Anthony’s only half black, I don’t want them two. I want Derek and Simone. Looks like you got Derek and Simone Bruce. What do you think? Will you let them go for trade of Cliff and Joanie for $2 million?
Bruce. Hummm, let me think about this. I think you want them pretty bad. And I do believe in destiny. I think it’s going to take $5 million for you to buy them off of me for a trade.
Samuel. You draw hard bargain Bruce. It’s probably going to bite you in the ass. But yes, I will do that for $5 million.
Bruce. (Bruce takes the last piece of paper out of the hat and hands it over to Samuel.) It’s a deal I’ll give you my account number to put the $5 million in. (Samuel calls up his broker while Bruce hands Samuel a piece of paper with this account number.)
Samuel. I don’t know if I want to say thank you Bruce. But the blacks are in my hands.
Bruce. (Bruce checks his account out on the laptop.) It was a pleasure doing business with you Samuel.
Samuel. I am nervous about this plan of ours you guys if it falls apart and gets foiled.
Al. Samuel there isn’t anything to worry about. This plan of ours is soundproof. And my guys will take care of the loose ends to make sure everything goes accordingly.
Ray. Plus, the most the law can slap us with for doing this is like 7 to 10 years in jail.
Al. Which should only be about three years in jail. With your lawyer or our lawyers they may even just give you probation for this. We’re just putting hazardous situations into the mansion. We’re not actually killing anyone. Plus all the ones that we are using to play this game know that they can quit at any given time if they don’t like the consequences that can come about.
Bruce. We’re all in this together. I think it’ll be fun and plus I plan on making a bunch of money off of you guys. We equally paid for the mansion to play for this sole purpose. So don’t worry, it will be fine.
Samuel. How many of these couples or individuals have kids?
Al. Well, Cliff and Joanie have three kids that are about 11, 8 and four years old. And Anita Martinez is expecting a child in November from Franco. Elsewise no one else has kids.
Samuel. That’s good!
Ray. What’s so good about them having kids? They may not know their mother or father growing up if they die in the mansion.
Bruce. Well we get what we get. We can’t help it if the ones that are going to play in this game have kids or are pregnant. It’s their destiny whether they survive or not.
Samuel. And I meant that it’s good that there aren’t any more parents in this game. Trust me I do have feelings for kids to be with their parents growing up.
Danny. Explain to me again, how it’s going to work to get the people into the mansion without them knowing where the mansion’s at or drawing attention to us.
Al. It’s actually quite simple. See I’ll have my guys that works for me pick the individuals up at their residency with a limousine. There’ll be all kinds of beverages to choose from to drink or snacks to eat that will be laced with a certain potent sleep medicine that will cause them to fall asleep. That may not be enough so once the limousine driver or my guys see that the individuals have fallen asleep. They then will inject them with the anesthesia to put them under for couple hours. When they are driven to the mansion they will not have a clue how or where they came from or were there at. There will be a couple more guys to carry the bodies in to the mansion’s den area where they will be placed on the floor. As they wake up inside of the mansion we will tell them to stay calm until all 10 are awake. Then we will explain the rules to them from Bruce’s place here. Our voice will be disguised over speakers in the mansion rooms so they’ll never be able to recognize who was talking to them. We will be able to see everything that is going on inside the mansion from the surveillance cameras that are in place.
Danny. We’re not going to hold anyone against their will to stay though are we?
Bruce. No, at any given time through the entire game of the mansion in the 24 hours that are set up they may leave. See that’ll be explained in the rules as well. They will know death can be drawn to them from the game that they’re about to play. But if anyone chooses to leave all we will do is have them escorted out of the mansion from another door from one of Al’s guys. All the survivors at the end of the game will be handcuffed and blindfolded then driven to a private airport then taken on a plane that will appear to have traveled a long ways. So they won’t know where they came from or were they were in the states. While there on the plane it will be several hours flying around. So they won’t know if they came from New York, Florida or anyplace in between where the mansion may have been.
Danny. So we drop them back off in Los Angeles then drive them home to their residency by limo. I like that, which seems pretty soundproof to me.
Samuel. That’s correct Danny. But it is very critical to make sure they have no electrical devices or cell phones to allow a signal to our location. Only the five of us will know exactly how and what is going on with this game. Al’s guys only know bits and pieces and are doing what there are told to do.
Danny. And about the bodies, the dead ones you know, that don’t make it. How will you get rid of them?
Ray. (Ray chuckles.) That’s simple Al’s guys would take care of it again where they would be buried out in the Las Vegas desert to where they will never be found.
Danny. For any of the survivors when they get back home they could go to the authorities and were busted for sure because of the charity we set up.
Ray. No Danny. The charity “Lesbians For Us” is anonymous there is no one with any credentials that is connected to the charity. It’ll be a dead-end for the authorities. The people that are on the charity have been deceased, some longer than 10 years with an account that is untraceable.
Danny. What if by chance, they trace the limousines back to the residencies through security cameras and video’s at stoplights? That would expose your guys Al, which it could leak back to you Al and then to all of us.
Bruce. Nope, we got that covered too. The limousines license plates will be stolen from other vehicles from Los Angeles area the day this happens and the authorities won’t know exactly where the plane was coming from or heading too while in the air. So they will be blind folded when they leave the mansion to the airport to get on the plane until after there up in the air flying around for an hour and then again before they land and after they get away from the airport for about an hour. Their electrical devices or cell phones will never be given back to them.
Danny. You do know, even though you’re not talking on the cell phones. That the cell phone towers can track your location. So it’ll give up the location of the mansion here in Los Angeles.
Al. We got that covered Danny, once the individuals fall asleep in the limo and after they get sedated the driver will take the cell phones and electrical items off of them and turn them off.
Danny. I feel really good about this game. Ooooh I’m going to have such a good time watching and betting on these people. I can’t wait.

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