The Glorious Beast!

The Glorious Beast!

So it starts out as these two boys going to school in 7th grade. One of the boys get into a dilemma and the other boy helps him out with a bully. Then it skips ten years to 2017 where the story picks up where both of the boys live at one of the boy’s parents house. They soon start a delivery business hauling for a lumber company. They have others helping them out hauling all kinds of delivery’s for the store and also for other store’s with mishaps and situations that arise. Along the way the father helps the boys out with the business hauling, giving advice and talks about what had happened to him with his bipolar.
They soon after get caught up with the mob cartel and start doing drug runs for them that turn out to be profitable. Which allows them to expand their business to more than 75 employees, 12 delivery trucks and 40 semi’s within two years. They are then done hauling for the cartel which the mob boss tells the one’s that had done the runs he owes them a favor. The son gives the favor to his father, which the father had, wrote an autobiography about his life of having bipolar that makes him believe he’s the messiah.

The mob boss hooks the father up with a movie company to film his book because he felt it was good. The book is done being filmed which in his book the father had solve a riddle in the bible for an asteroid strike to hit which then hits as it was stated in his book which is of his life with the bipolar that he had wrote about along with a new world order.

People then believe that the father is the chosen one that the bible talks about to come forward to bring world peace. The father then is soon elected for the next election for president without running for president because of the people writing his name in on the ballot. The father establishes his new order to the world while he is in office. But in the meantime he has many meetings and interviews to help the people understand the new world order. All the people of the world then live in peace, without war by January 2027.


Scene 77 took place in Scott’s den. It was about ten o’clock at night on April 5, 2006. Scott was sitting on his futon reading from the Bible. He was reading passages of the holy city. From his mind reading, you can see what was read. After reading a few of the lines or verses, Scott had his eyes closed. He heard a fast-rumbling trumpet sound in his ears. He was carried away in a dream or vision of what the holy city looked like. He was amazed by what he saw. He considered it to be the most beautiful sight that he ever saw. When he first saw the image in his head, there was a white fog in the center of the image. Then the fog went away. He had saw what he thought looked like thousands of gems intricately laced around in the inner circle.

Director’s Cut Guy: “Scene 77, take 1. Scott’s reading Bible and then sees vision of holy city.”

The scene showed Scott glancing at his watch showing the date and time. Then with very little light, he was reading in his mind from the Bible.

Scott’s mind:

(NIRV) John 3:13: “No one has ever gone into heaven except the one who came from heaven. He is the Son of Man.”

(NIRV) Daniel 7:13: “In my vision I saw one who looked like a son of man. He was coming with clouds of heaven. He approached the Eternal God. He was led right up to him.”

(NIRV) John 1:18: “No one has ever seen God. But God, the one and only son, is at the father’s side. He has shown us what God is like.”

(NIRV) 1 John 4:9: “How did God show his love for us? He sent his one and only son into the world. He sent him so we could receive life through him.”

(NIRV) 1 John 4:14: “The father has sent his son to be the Savior of the world. We have seen it. We give witness to it.”

(NIRV) Revelation 21:10: “Then he carried me away in a vision. The spirit took me to a huge high mountain. He showed me Jerusalem, the holy city. It was coming down out of heaven from God.”

(NIRV) Revelation 4:1: “After this I looked, and there in front of me was a door standing open in heaven. I heard the voice I heard before. It sounded like a trumpet. The voice said, ‘Come up here. I will show you what must happen after this.” 4:2: “At once the Holy Spirit took complete control of me. There in front of me was a thrown in heaven with someone sitting on it.” 4:3: “The one who sat there shone like Jewels. Around the throne was a rainbow that look like an emerald.” 4:4: “Twenty-four other thrones surrounded that throne. Twenty-four elders were sitting on them. The elders were dressed in white. They had gold crowns on their heads.”

Scott paused for a moment with his eyes closed after reading from the Bible. He heard like a fast-rumbling trumpet sound in his ears. In the distance in his mind, he saw an image where it’s moving closer to him. At first, he saw the image of evenly proportioned intricate crystals in a circle, which had white fog in the center. As the intricate display of crystals got closer in his mind, the fog disappeared, and he saw the image of hundreds of gems that were interlaced around in the inner circle.

This went on for seven to ten seconds. He then had a thought that he had in his mind of how this must be what was talked about in the Bible of God’s one and only holy city. The image disappeared, and the vision was over. Scott’s wife, Sondra, was upstairs watching TV in the bedroom. Scott then yelled for Sondra to come downstairs.

Scott: “Sondra, honey! Could you come down here please?”

As Scott yelled, Scott moved to the office chair, and Sondra came down and sat on the futon.

Sondra: “What’s up, honey? I was watching a movie! What do you need?”

Scott: “You wouldn’t believe what just happened to me! I was reading in the Bible some Bible verses of the holy city. I was sitting on the futon when a vision came across me and I saw God’s holy city. It was beautiful, the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!”

Sondra: “You did? What did the holy city look like?”

Scott: “I was moving closer and closer to this wonderful object. I was amazed of how beautiful it was. When I first saw the object, there was a fog in the center. But as I got closer, the fog disappeared. Then I realized what I was looking at was God’s holy city or throne. I will try to explain the best way I can what the city looked like. First of all, everything I was looking at looked like precious gems and crystals all arranged in a specific pattern. It looked like there were approximately 500 to 1000 gems of all colors and varieties in the inner circle. It’s like each one of the gems shone brightly as if it was lit up, not blinding, but very clear. What I would say you would call as far as the highway or the inner circle was smooth concave appearing laced with Hundreds of gems.”

Sondra: “So it was like a city with highways and roads?”

Scott: “No, not like a city you imagine, but with hundreds of gems. Imagine what a rubber tire would look like. If you stretch the two side walls as far as you could, that would leave you a half-moon inner circle. As far as the color goes for the inner circle, I remember it being a mixture of hundreds maybe even thousands of different colored gems, with a clearness of a rainbow and looked like shiny bright colored glass. As far as the outside of the city, the width was one quarter the size compared to how tall it was.

There were six towering points evenly spaced around the outside of the circle. Each one of the points that protruded from the city was identically the same in the displacement. The base of the points was wider. They stepped in tears as they came to a point. Each one of the points step four times and the fourth tier was the tallest that came to a spear-like point. All the steps going to the top of the peak were on a downward slant. Each one of the points gone up to the peak wasn’t extremely wide. Nothing like a mountain, from what I could see, it looked like each one of the protruding peaks were facing north-south, east-west. Of the six points that go around the circle, each group would have thirteen crystals.”

Sondra: “How wide was each of the thirteen crystals in each group?”

Scott: “I couldn’t actually tell you dimensional size on what I saw, but each tier of the six groups was exactly the same size to each other in proportion.”

Sondra: “Okay, continue!”

Scott: “From the side view looking at the holy city, it looked like there was a gate between each one of the peaks. Not as a gate you would imagine in construction or fences, but of crystal indentations. Now looking at all six of the points or groups, they all appeared to have a clear gold crystal look to them. The timeframe when I saw all of this was between seven to ten seconds. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was the most amazing site I’ve ever seen. I had a thought in my mind that this was the holy city then the vision left me.”

Sondra: “That sounds amazing that you had a vision of, honey. It sounds like you really remembered the details what you say is the holy city.”

Scott: “There is no way I can forget! It was just so beautiful.”

Director Dean: “Cut! That’ll work, Scott and Sondra!”

Scene 80 took place in Scott’s bedroom while he was reading the Bible on the bed and watching TV. Scott was thinking of how the holy city looked like. Then he wondered while reading the Bible and looking at multiple different numbers that stuck out to him, within the Bible, if there was any meaning behind them, other than what the numbers dictated. Scott found most of the numbers from the books of Revelation and Daniel.

Director’s Cut Guy: “Scene 80, take 1. Scott in thought while reading the Bible.”

Scott in thought (looking at the Bible): “I wonder if these numbers in the Bible have any other value other than what they’re speaking of. I know what the holy city looks like. There are three crystals of different size in four different directions, plus the center one per the six protruding crystal group points coming up on the outer side of the city.

If you took the three different size protruding crystals from each side in the four directions, this would equal twelve crystals total. Plus, one big crystal in the middle to make thirteen total crystals for the six groups going around the circle of the holy city. Each one of the six crystals groups are shaped like a plus sign while looking from the top view. There is a total of seventy-eight individual crystals that are grouped together of the six groups protruding outward from the city. But they seem to be grouped together in four pairs of three per group.

What I figured out in the Bible is that it speaks of if you’re wise, if you can figure out what the beast’s number means. It’s man’s number! His number is 666! I thought this one really stumped me, but I believe I have figured it out while looking at the city.

What I had figured out is it looks like the size per tier of crystals going upward to the fourth crystal at the top is evenly divided by 33% larger in size. The mass size from the previous crystal as it tears to the top. From each of the four directions from all six protruding points assembled around the holy city. Or what is consider as gods holy throne where the crystals are larger than the next in that group.

I believe the 13th crystal as well as the other crystal in each of the six crystal groups is a power conductor to pull a signal from each of the 13 zodiac consolations with in our galaxy as the holy city rotates 360 degrees in a circle around the earth and the sun each day. This is where the holy city is collecting, creating and knowing of knowledge from the cosmoses of God, also from our previous ancestor sprits who have lived here on earth. This makes us to evolve as walking Gods in our galaxy.

The holy city cast out a signal of new creation on this earth as time evolves. We will call this energy the Holy Energy. Whether it be plant life, animals, fish, birds or even bacteria, as long as if it has a Chroma zone, but the human is the only species to have a working thought prosses to advance in the terminology of saying we walk, speak, we have a vivid thought prosses, we have emotions and we have a long-life span. God has offered all of us our own special soul. For some reason I was gifted the ability from God since the beginning of time to know how we evolved and how everything works, where I can explain.

So that would tell me maybe if you’re starting from the top in the middle of the thirteenth crystal the starting value would be .000, then the next tier down would be .333, the following tier down would be .666, and the last tier or the bottom would be .999. This would be a crystal group to count as a whole number of one. That means the beast number or man’s number of 666 is actually .666 of a whole number used in the equation to figure out something important for mankind from God’s holy city. But interesting enough, we have seven days in a week and the Bible speaks of seven years to be the Sabbath year.

If you would look at each one of these pyramid mounts protruding upward for a total of six around the outer side of the city, you could count seven crystals twice in two different directions per group of crystals. Or if you don’t count the center one twice in the two directions, there would be six crystals going from one side to the other and vice versa.

So the Bible speaks of twelve foundations, this is where this would stand for the six crystal groups to have two different directions to be of equal to twelve, or if your count each of the four sides of the protruding crystal groups coming out from the city, there would be twenty-four. Without counting the center crystal on a crystal group, there’s also twelve tiers, which there are three on each of the four sides. Each crystal group protruding out from the city has four sides with three crystals in each. They would probably represent the four powers that are spoken of in the Bible.

Now for the twelve gates of the city that is spoken of, where there are six protruding crystal groups that are in a circle around the city, on each side of the city, there are six crystal indentations from both sides to where they meet each other from each crystal group. These would be considered the gates, six on one side and six on the other side. I’m assuming there has got to be 600 or 864 different gems to make up the inner circle of the holy city. I can only guess that there are 600 or 864 gems in the inner circle. Which I would like to say each gem has 7 intricate cuts around the face of the 6-sided polygon gem. The bottom of each gem would have 6 cuts in the shape of a cone.

Several gems will be lit up at the same time by the crystals of the holy city from the suns solar power. This is where our souls come from. As the holy city rotates, it casts out a constant of what I’ll say makes life exist here on earth. I’ll call it the Holy Energy casted out from the holy city for life to exist. Our sun powers the holy city to allow the holy city to cast holy energy from the matter of gemstones to fill the world and its atmosphere with this special ability from the cosmos to have all life forms available here on earth with an atmosphere.

This allows life and souls to come about only to the general location of our planet or earth. Other planets in the universe that does not have vegetation or life form, this is because they do not have a holy city like ours to create life. Like with mars we will not be able to live there and sustain life at this time, because you would not be able to reproduce children without this Holy Energy. Babys will be still born or there may be major birth defects.

Now in the future mankind will make more holy cities like ours when the holy city is discovered by sky seekers. We can reproduce another holy city with in the next 1000 years before we become overpopulated here on earth. We need to set this holy city up for mars to be able to live on this planet to establish life like ours here on earth. To establish another hub to have the universe ability to allow life. We will have to craft another holy city of precious gems and crystals and set it up for the eco system of mars by placing it in the gravity pull of a moon. This will be able to establish another environment for mankind and will be able to live in within a few thousand years.

In timing of each birth, has to have this holy energy in order to be able to sustain life. For the holy city, it only cast out the Holy Energy 6 days a week and on Sundays there is no new Holy Energy casted out due to the fact it rotates to a new set of crystal groups to cast on different set of gems each day until all 6 days for the week has been completed in the celestial timing. Then it will rotate to a new crystal group again on the 7th day. I believe that for each day of the gems rays or Holy Energy that is casted out from the holy city it will linger on in the world and atmosphere for a period of 30 days. This will be leaving a constant Holy Energy for life to flourish. This is revolving every day to create new life as DNA is created or a new beginning of life form the Astros of our galaxy. 

I believe the holy city or throne is located about 66% of the distance from the earth till the moon in lineament. Most people will never be able to see it due to its size. I believe the size of the holy city is between 4.5 foot to 6 foot in diameter consisting of precious gems and crystals. There may be a fog hiding it from view. It’s also in celestial timing depending on what soul you get. Our souls grow here on earth in us. Then return to heaven when we die to where you will have all knowledge of the heavens. We gain more knowledge as each generation is born. In heaven, you will obtain all knowledge of anything and everything. So, I believe!

There are known to be 23 other species to be able to mate with mankind that scientist have figured out and now with me will be number 24. This is of what I believe, if I’m a super human or an extraterrestrial being like where I believe I may have as many as 48 to 138 clomazones. This is because of how I was casted out of the holy city at birth.

This only happens every 6,050 years and in 23 different human kind species will show mankind has only been around 139,150 years till today. You see it takes the earth to completely absorb the whole glob of the sun every 6,050 years. This is when the celestial timing of the holy city, sun, moon and earth are in alignment to grant one person of the human race four times the average capabilities of talent and knowledge from the previous human race. This is how mankind evolves from the heavens every 6,050 years to allow 4 times the Spiritual Holy Energy from the gems from the holy city as a gift to advance mankind.

Now in the bible it says there will be 144,000 souls saved at the end times. So, if you took 6,000 years for the earth to complete its journey around the sun, and then you would time’s it with the known number of human species of the past, which is of 23 different species of humans. With me it will be 24 and that tells me if you time’s that by 6,000 this will equal to 144,000 years where we have been walking God’s. This tells me that for a soul to be complete, it takes a full year. This allows the necessity in the ability to live that allows body and soul to strive. Each year when all the gems of the holy city are activated, this allows you in timing from God or the spirits to establish your future. You see for the sabbath it speaks of 49 years and on the 50th year is to celebrate the good word.

Even though it takes 6,050 years to rotate around the sun, I believe every 6,000 years is when mankind advances. You can see in the past few years we have had mutable signs from the sky’s showing blood moons and solar eclipses that are not common. They are showing the events leading up to or the start of a new time period of the next 6000 years for the earth to circle the entire globe of the sun.

Only when God offers the species a high bread this is when it is gifted from the holy city or what we call heaven. This will also change the chromosome structure in the human body. The number of chromosomes a person has is 23 pares. 23 chromosomes come from the father and 23 chromosomes come from the mother. God gifts so much or a 3rd as much from the holy city to make new creation here on earth. To make up the gene structure of God’s creatures.

The days will be changed to match the moons rotations around the earth to make the calendar correct. That is 28 days a month and that means there will be 13 months in a year. December will have 29 days and 30 days on leap year. Time will be moved back two hours, for instance if its 3pm it will then be 1pm. A woman’s menstrual period happens every 28 days. I believe that a soul starts at 22 weeks in the womb so abortions will not happen after 21 weeks. The only abortions will be in the consideration of the baby being born with defects that will cause hardship in living. No other abortions will be granted only if a doctor signs off on a medical form of the law accepting it as a defective pregnancy. There will be four, 7-day weeks in a month except the last month of the year.

I will start collecting precious gems and crystals for the future of mankind. Someday thousands of years from now we will have inhibited hundreds of planets to make life on for our future generations to come. We will be that, Alien!”

Director Dean: “Cut! Okay, that should do it!”

The Beeping Brothers' Road To Success

So it starts out as these two boys going to school in 7th grade. One of the boys get into a dilemma and the other boy helps him out with a bully. Then it skips ten years to 2017 where the story picks up where both of the boys live at one of the boy’s parents house. They soon start a delivery business hauling for a lumber company. They have others helping them out hauling all kinds of delivery’s for the store and also for other store’s with mishaps and situations that arise. Along the way the father helps the boys out with the business hauling, giving advice and talks about what had happened to him with his bipolar.
They soon after get caught up with the mob cartel and start doing drug runs for them that turn out to be profitable. Which allows them to expand their business to more than 75 employees, 12 delivery trucks and 40 semi’s within two years. They are then done hauling for the cartel which the mob boss tells the one’s that had done the runs he owes them a favor. The son gives the favor to his father, which the father had, wrote an autobiography about his life of having bipolar that makes him believe he’s the messiah.

The mob boss hooks the father up with a movie company to film his book because he felt it was good. The book is done being filmed which in his book the father had solve a riddle in the bible for an asteroid strike to hit which then hits as it was stated in his book which is of his life with the bipolar that he had wrote about along with a new world order.

People then believe that the father is the chosen one that the bible talks about to come forward to bring world peace. The father then is soon elected for the next election for president without running for president because of the people writing his name in on the ballot. The father establishes his new order to the world while he is in office. But in the meantime he has many meetings and interviews to help the people understand the new world order. All the people of the world then live in peace, without war by January 2027.

“The Beeping Brothers' Road To Success”

– Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers’ Favorite

The Beeping Brothers Road To Success by Scott Chally is weird, funny, and wonderful. I laughed from start to finish. Not every author can write a novel like this. I think Scott Chally must be a natural. This is a story about life in all its uncut glory. It made me laugh, but it also made me think. It reminds me of the writing of Kurt Vonnegut Jr. It is a buddy novel with some satire and irony thrown in for good measure. It is for mature audiences, but to be honest, I read novels in this vein when I was a teenager and I found them very helpful in helping me understand the world around me.
The Beeping Brothers Road To Success is the kind of novel that touches on things that I just didn’t discuss with my parents. The writing is what makes The Beeping Brothers Road To Success so good. The characters are good. I especially like the friendship between the two boys. It made me think of my best high school friend. The plot is roughly based on real life in small town America, but with a lot of humor and wonder mixed in. The setting is done well and it all comes together to make a very good novel. I hope to read more from Scott Chally in the future. His is a unique voice that could make a great contribution to American literature if it is given the right guidance and encouragement. You don’t want to miss this one.

- Reviewed by Lesley Jones for Readers' Favorite

In The Beeping Brothers' Road to Success by Scott Leroy Chally, Ricky and Jimmy have been friends since the 7th grade, and have always protected one another from school bullies to ensure each other's happiness and success. This friendship continues into adulthood when in the spring of 2017 Ricky has moved into Jimmy's parents' home in Monticello, Iowa. Jimmy has bigger aspirations than working in the local factory with his father, Scott, and soon his dream of starting a haulage firm becomes a reality. Scott is always there with words of wisdom and advice and soon the haulage firm has grown into a very successful business. Meanwhile, Scott begins to have premonitions that soon civilization will be struck by an asteroid, and believes strongly he must spread his message that he is the second coming of the Messiah. Is Scott truly the Messiah who is being guided by spirits or are his lucid thoughts the result of being diagnosed with a bipolar affective disorder/schizoaffective disorder. As Scott tries to convince those close to him that a New World Order is the only way to salvation, he suffers an internal battle of conscience too. At the same time, it is not long before the haulage firm draws the attention of the local drug cartel, who offer them a very lucrative deal. With the haulage increasing in size and success, there is only one thing left to achieve; getting Scott's message to the masses. Will anyone believe his premonition and will this actually become a reality? The subject matter of this book is quite extraordinary and poses some very thought-provoking questions. The main plot covers Scott and his battle to control his bipolar disorder which is quite realistic, especially the sections where he is in the psychiatric hospital. There are many sub-plots to this story, including the haulage company and the disasters that occur which had some quite comical and embarrassing situations. The development of the relationships between the characters is also good, especially between Melanie and Jimmy. I also thought Scott's wife dealt with his illness and beliefs quite sympathetically. There is a good argument included in the novel regarding evolution versus religion and also in-depth descriptions of the New World Order. Overall, a good story.

“The Beeping Brothers, Road To Success”

Scott and Ricky decided they should have the meeting with Jimmy and Jason at noon in a restaurant. They decided to go to Happy B’s for lunch. Then Ricky called Jimmy and Jason to meet them in the yard at about 11:45 AM. All four of them had piled in Scotts pickup. They went to the restaurant. They picked a booth to sit at. Scott, Jimmy and Jason had to go to the restroom. Ricky stayed back at the table. Ricky was sitting in the booth. He heard a conversation from some females in the next booth.
 Female #1 Kathy: “Wow, I can't believe how big my husband's penis has become from using a penis pump.”
 Female #4 Jeanette: “What do you mean Kathy? Your husband uses a penis pump?”
 Female #1 Kathy: “Oh yeah, his penis lately has been great for sex. It's so much better and bigger. He used to be about 4 1/2 inches long and fairly thin in size. But lately after he started using the penis pump he must be like 6 inches. And while having sex it feels so great.”
 Female #3 Sarah: “Maybe I should have my husband try the penis pump. His is only like 4 inches but at least he's fairly thick. Well at least it looks like he is.”
 Female #2 Marcy: “My husband is like five and half inches long but very skinny. Sometimes I wonder why I can't seem to orgasm. But if he was thicker, I'm sure I would orgasm every time.”
 Female #4 Jeanette: “My husband likes watching pornos while we’re having sex. This doesn't turn me on, but I have seen some fairly large penises out there. Maybe sex would be better if my husband's penis was bigger.”
 Female #2 Marcy: “That wouldn't work with me. I won't let my husband watch pornos while he's having sex with me.”
 Female #3 Sarah: “I think I'm going to get my husband a penis pump for Christmas. You don't think he'll get offended, do you Kathy?”

 Female #1 Kathy: “He might like seeing his thing grow and I know you will. But there's something else I should tell you. He hooks a vacuum up to it. He leaves it on for about a half hour. Then we have sex. Boy does it feel wonderful. He fulfills my sexual needs all the way. He's like a porn star!”
 Female #4 Jeanette: “Kathy is that why you have so many kids.”
 Female #1 Kathy: “I'm not sure. I just know I'm always ready for him. Anytime is a good time!”
 Scott, Jimmy and Jason came back from the restroom. All four sat in the booth. They ordered their drinks and food from the waitress.
 Scott: “Ricky, it looks like you have something on your mind.”
 Ricky: “No, I was just thinking, or daydreaming.”
 Jimmy: “Well we have this lunch date with all four of us, to decide how many we need to hire for the Cedar Rapids North store for next Monday.
 Ricky: “That's simple, we need three full-time and three part-time.”
 Scott: “Yeah, but we need to think about the ones we have hired to see if they want to go to full-time. I remember Jermaine saying he would love to be full-time.”
 Jimmy: “I think Jermaine would be a good one to be in charge of the North store. He has shown himself to be very credible in doing deliveries.”
 Scott: “Well we need to find out from Joe, Dan and Glen if they would like to do full-time during the day.”
 Ricky: “I say we hire six people and let them know there may be full-time positions in the future. Also let it be known there hired as part-time, until a full-time position comes available.”
 Jimmy: “I suppose that could work!”
 Scott: “Okay, everyone that call’s on the ad we placed, should show up on Thursday night, at 6:00 PM, at our place. Nice, my steak is here! I'm sure hungry!”
 Ricky: “What you think, may I have tomorrow off?”
 Jimmy: “Sure, there's no need to have four of us in the morning anymore.”
 Scott: “Yeah, we can get by with just three. You can even go home early today.”
 When they finished their lunch they headed back to the store to run more deliveries. But Ricky had another idea on his mind. He went shopping for a vacuum. Ricky goes to where the vacuums were held in the store.

 Ricky: “Hey there Sir, could you help me?”
 Bernards employee: “What may I do for you?”
 Ricky: “I'm looking for a vacuum that has a lot of suction. Also that is very durable.”
 Bernards employee: “May I ask what you're using it for?”
 Ricky: “I needed it to suck for a long time.”
 Bernards employee: “What is it sucking up?”
 Ricky: “Well, I need it to pick up rocks off of the ground.”
 Bernards employee: “I've never heard anybody trying to pick up rocks with a vacuum. If I had to suggest a vacuum, this one here is the most powerful and durable machine we have. But it's quite large and expensive.”
 Ricky: “I'll take it! Does it have a warranty?”
 Bernards employee: “Yes, 30 days!”
 Ricky then takes the vacuum to the register and purchases it. He leaves out of the Bernards store. Then he heads to a sex shop downtown Cedar Rapids. He enters the sex shop and goes to the counter where a gentleman is standing.
 Ricky: “Sir, I was wondering if you could help me out?”
 Gentleman: “What is it that you're looking for?”
 Ricky: “I was wondering if you could find or show me a penis pump to purchase?”
 Gentleman: “What size are you looking for? Follow me!”
 Ricky: “The biggest one you have.”
 Gentleman: “You must be well in doubt, in size, to ask for the biggest.”
 Ricky: “Yeah, you could say that!”
 Gentleman: “Our largest is 9" x 2.25". If you can fill this, it will please any woman, I assure you.”
 Ricky: “Yeah, I'll take it!
 Ricky then leaves the sex shop and heads home. He realizes that he doesn't have much time to try the pump.

 Scott has a house addition package to deliver to the south east Cedar Rapids area. When Scott gets to the address he goes to the door, blocked by a fairly good-sized dog at the door. The dog would not move its ground away from the door, for Scott to ring the doorbell. The dog was growling and showing its teeth. Scott knew not to approach the dog in fear that it might bite. As Scott was leaving to go back to his truck the dog started to chase him. He barely made it inside the truck but the dog had nipped at his shirt and ripped it. Scott felt lucky that he escaped a dog bite. He then called the individual that was listed on the paperwork. To let them know he was there for the delivery, a woman answered the phone.
 Peggy: “Hello, this is Peggy speaking!”
 Scott: “I'm here for delivery! I'm out in front of your house. Where would you like me to dump the load on the truck at?”
 Peggy: “Could you take it around back? There is a path leading there.”
 Scott: “Sure, I'll be there in a minute.”
 Scott drives the truck around back of the house and then backs up to the house addition. Scott gets out of the truck. And then meets Peggy.
 Scott: “Your dog is very dangerous. He bit my shirt and almost bit me.”
 Peggy: “Yeah, don't get too close to him he will bite. He bit one of the workers in the face last week and the individual needed 85 stitches.” (As she laughs)
 Scott: “I would say your dog needs to be put to sleep. He's not safe around humans, someone trained him to be vicious. Now he's a threat or harm to all individuals. What if a child was next to the dog and he did this to the child.”
 Peggy: “They shouldn't come around my place then. The dog wards off predators, possible thieves!” (As Peggy laughs some more.)
 Scott finishes delivering the load and has Peggy sign the paperwork. He then heads back to Bernards. When he gets in the yard Scott gets out of the truck while Chuck reloads another delivery. Scott changes his shirt.
 Chuck: “You might want to keep your shirt on.  You might attract women to you.”
 Scott: “I don't think that will happen. I'm a little too old to be looked at.”
 Chuck: “For your age you're in pretty good shape.”
 Scott: “Thanks.”
 Chuck: “What happened to your shirt anyhow if I may ask?”

 Scott: “At my last delivery there was a crazy lady that thought her dog was fine, after almost biting me.”
 Chuck: “Owie, was it a big dog? Your load is ready!”
 Scott: “Yeah, it was a big dog. And it did 85 stitches to a person's face last week.”
 Chuck: “I would consider you lucky then.”
 Scott continues to run deliveries throughout the day until the next working shift came in.
 Scott, Jimmy and Jason had headed out in the morning to Bernards the next day.
Ricky wakes up around nine o'clock. He watches TV and then around 12:30 PM, after he had his lunch he decided to go to his room and hook up his penis pump to the vacuum hose with duct tape. After he attached the penis pump he clicks the vacuum on and inserts it over his penis while lying in bed with the covers over him. He was in amazement of how much suction it had. He shortly fell asleep afterwards.
It wasn't until 4:30 PM when Jason had come home from Bernards. Jason was curious of the noise coming from Ricky's room. As Jason goes to check on Ricky, he realizes there was a `vacuum that was smoking and sounded like it was shorting out. Jason walked into Ricky's room then he turns the vacuum off. He noticed that Ricky was asleep with a vacuum hose attached to his penis under the covers so it looked and he tries to wake Ricky up.
Ricky was in the middle of a dream. It appeared to be a beautiful woman given Ricky a blow job. She was under the covers facing Ricky. She had beautiful long blonde hair. Jason tried waking Ricky up. But Ricky wasn't waking up right away. Right before Ricky woke up in his dream. The woman that was given Ricky a blow job looked up at Ricky. She was an ugly zombie with deteriorating flesh from her face. That scared the crap out of Ricky in his dream, which he woke up immediately.
Ricky was embarrassed to have Jason see what he was doing. Ricky attempts to take the penis pump off of his penis, which it was stuck. It would not come off. Ricky undoes the duct tape and removes the vacuum hose. And uses both hands to try to remove the penis pump, but that was unsuccessful. Ricky then was very concerned about his penis. His penis had expanded to fill up the whole tube. He then asked Jason if he could help him out.
 Ricky: “Jason, it isn't what it looks like.”
 Jason: “What is it supposed to look like? You have or had a vacuum hooked up to your penis!” (As Jason laughs)
 Ricky: “This isn't funny. I can’t get the tube off my penis. Maybe you can help me pull it off?”
 Jason: “Oh no, I ain't touching your penis!”

 Ricky: “Please I need some help! You're the only one here! All you need to do is grab a hold of the plastic tube and pull. You won't be touching my penis.”
 Jason: “I suppose I will, but you better not say anything, to anyone about this.”
 Jason goes to pull on the tube, while Ricky was standing. But there was no luck. The tube was stuck. He then tries to pull little harder and places a foot up on his hip and begins to pull. But there still was no luck.
 Jason: “Ricky, I hate to say this but you need to go to the doctor's office to get this removed. If you don't get it removed shortly your penis might die and fall off.”
 Ricky: (Ricky looks as if he is in despair.) “I suppose you're right, could you take me to the doctor's office then?”
 Jason: “Sure, get some pants on!”
 Ricky puts his pants on but was unable to close them up. He button up the top of his jeans with the penis tube sticking out the front. He then takes a dishtowel from the kitchen and drapes it over the penis and tube. They headed out of the house and arrived at the doctor's office. They walked in; there was a lobby full of people waiting for their appointments. Ricky walks up to the counter.
 Ricky: “I have an emergency!”
 Receptionist: “What's the emergency?”
 Ricky: “I have a tube stuck on my penis.”
 Receptionist: “Really, a tube stuck on your penis? Let me see!”
 Ricky removes the dishtowel and reveals the tube with his penis in it. Other people from the lobby noticed as well. They begin to walk up to Ricky and look closer. There were a few that ask questions of how he got the tube stuck on his penis.
 Receptionist: “Wow, you definitely need to get that off and quick.”
 The receptionist leaves the desk for second and knocks on the door where the doctor had an appointment with a patient. She tells the doctor what was going on with Ricky and the tube he has stuck on his penis. The doctor finishes up with his patient and then request that Ricky comes back immediately.
 Dr. Chase: “Hello there sir, my name is Dr. Chase. I see you have quite a problem going on today. May I ask how this happened?”
 Ricky: “I thought I would try to use a vacuum for my penis, for it to become larger.”
 Dr. Chase: “Well it obviously worked. How long have you had it on for?”

 Ricky: “Around four hours, with the high suction vacuum.”
 Dr. Chase: “Why didn't you turn it off earlier?”
 Ricky: “I fell asleep!”
 Dr. Chase: “How do you sleep through a vacuum running?”
 Ricky: “I don't know! That makes me wonder too!”
 Dr. Chase: “You must've passed out due to lack of blood to your brain.”
 Ricky: “Do you think you can remove it quick?”
 Dr. Chase: “We can try too, just hope your penis doesn't turn black. Or you will have to have it surgically removed.”
 Ricky: “What! You're kidding right?”
 Dr. Chase: “Nope, not kidding!”
 Ricky begins to panic. Dr. Chase orders the nurse to inject Ricky's penis from the tip with a needle and syringe of Benadryl, to reduce the swelling.
 Nurse: “This may sting a little bit, but we have to do this to see if we can get some of the swelling to go down, for we can pull it off.”
 Ricky: “Isn't there another way? That will hurt! Please not the needle!”
 Dr. Chase: “Do you want to keep your penis or not.”
 Ricky: “Okay, I suppose! Go ahead and do it!”
 The nurse injects a long needle into the tip of his penis, from the tube. Ricky screams in agony as the needle penetrates his penis.
 Dr. Chase looks at the nurse: “You may also want to get some Coumadin in his system to thin his blood for doesn't clot and causes a stroke.”
 Dr. Chase waits about 5 minutes to see if the Benadryl was effective. But it was not as he was trying to pull the tube off of his penis, the Dr. was unsuccessful.
 Dr. Chase: “Well the Benadryl doesn't seem to be taken affect. We will have to try another method.” (He looks at his nurse) “Could you get me the cast cutting saw? We will have to try to see if we can't cut it off.”
 The nurse hands Dr. Chase the saw. He begins to try and cut horizontally along the tube to split it in half, but it was not effective.

 Dr. Chase: “Ricky, I'm starting to get worried for you. If we don't get this off soon your penis will turn black. I've got one other alternative we can try.”
 Ricky: “Sure, anything, let's get it off!”
 Dr. Chase hands his nurse the keys to his car and tells her to go in the trunk of his car, to grab a hammer. The nurse brings in a 5 pound hammer to the doctors room.
 Dr. Chase: “Ricky, we have to do this. It may hurt a little and hopefully it breaks the tube for it to come off of your penis.”
 Ricky: “You're going to hit my penis with that hammer. That will hurt which may be worse for my penis. Can't we try something other?”
 Dr. Chase: “If you want any hope of saving your penis we must do this.”
 Ricky: “Okay, do it!”
 Dr. Chase tells Ricky to stand close to the counter where his penis in the tube was stretched out on. Then Dr. Chase lifts the hammer and gives the tube with this penis in it with a fairly decent smack. The tube then shattered and multiple pieces. Ricky screams, his penis was finally free.
 Dr. Chase: “Well you may be in luck Ricky. Your penis has good color it's just a little blue. I'm not sure but I don't think it will turn black. But it's extremely large. Was it fairly large prior to putting the pump on?”
 Ricky: “Not really! Will it stay that size?”
 Dr. Chase: “I highly doubt it! But I have heard of cases where the penis did stay larger. Maybe you will have a little luck.”
 Ricky: “Well thanks, Dr. Chase, you saved my penis.”
 Dr. Chase: “You're welcome Ricky! Next time, don't leave it on for more than a half hour and a little lube wouldn't hurt.”
 Sondra, Scott and Jimmy had made it home from work. They were wondering where Ricky and Jason were. And then about 5:30 PM Ricky and Jason showed up at the house.
 Sondra: “Ricky and Jason where have you two been?”
 Jason: “It was the funniest thing, Ricky had put a penis pump tube on with a vacuum hooked up to his penis. We had to go to the doctor's office to get it removed.”
 Sondra laughs: “Why did you do that for Ricky? Are you okay?”
 Ricky: “I should be fine, and I had heard through the grapevine that's how you can make your penis grow. But trust me, it's not worth it. I'll never do it again!”

 Scott: “So did it made it bigger?”
 Jason: “His penis is huge; he's hung like a horse now.”
 Ricky: “That's not funny! I could've lost my penis today.”
 Jason, Jimmy, Sondra and Scott were all making jokes to Ricky about how he stuck a vacuum to his penis.”
 Sondra: “I've got to call my friends and tell them about this.”
 Ricky: “No, please don't!”
 Sondra laughs “You did it to yourself, now we can share the experience with others.”

Audio book-from Scott L. Chally

“The beeping brothers road to success” Is an Action, Suspense, Thriller, Comedy, Romance, Drama and Religious book. This is and adult comedy it is rated R recommended for a mature audience.

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