Groups that have powerful meaning to the world

I do believe according to The Bible King James Version, Daniel 12-1 that all the singers I list from all the songs on this site must be what are talked about as Michael, the prince of the children. I hope all who plays any of the songs on the site will see how God communicates with all of us within the world through the music. Thanks – Scott L. Chally
King James Version Daniel 12-1 : And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, everyone that shall be found written in the book.


Lead singer is John Cooper.

1.Skillet – Feel invincible
2.Skillet – Collide (Lyrics)
3.Skillet – Awake and Alive
4.Skillet – Hero (Official Video)
5.Skillet – “Rise” lyric video
6.Skillet – “Sick Of It” Official Video
7.Skillet -“Stars” (The Shack Version) [Official Music Video]
8.Skillet – “The Resistance” [Official Lyric Video]
9.Skillet – American Noise (Official Video)
10.Skillet – Undefeated [Official Audio]
11.Skillet – Saviors of the world
12.Skillet – Legendary
13.Skillet – Finish Line
14.Skillet – Never going back
15.Skillet – Rise up
16.Skillet – Reach
17.Skillet – Terrify the dark
18.Skillet – This is the kingdom
19.Skillet – Anchor
20.Skillet – You ain’t ready
21.Skillet – Victorious
22.Skillet – Save Me
23.Skillet – Back To Life
24.Skillet – Famous
25.Skillet – Surviving the Game

Tom MacDonald

  Singer is Tom MacDonald
1.Tom MacDonald – “Fighter”
2.Tom MacDonald – “Heroes”
3.Tom MacDonald – “Ghost”
4.Tom MacDonald – “In God We Trust”
5.Tom MacDonald – “End Of The World”
6.Tom MacDonald – “Cancelled”
7.Tom MacDonald – “The System”
8.Tom MacDonald – “Sheeple”
9.Tom MacDonald – “Dirty Money”
10.Tom MacDonald – “New World Order”
11.Tom MacDonald – “People So Stupid”
12.Tom MacDonald – “Clown World”
13.Tom MacDonald – “Fake Woke”
14.Tom MacDonald – “Names”
15.Tom MacDonald – “WHITEBOY”
16.Tom MacDonald – “Satanic rappers”
17.Tom MacDonald – “Conspiracy Theorist”
20. Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun – “Your America”
21. Brandon Hart – “Space Trash ft. Tom MacDonald”
23. Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun – “American Flags”
24. Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun “Race War”
25. Tom MacDonald (feat. Ben Shapiro) “Facts”
26. Tom MacDonald, Adam Calhoun & Dax “Black & White”


The lead singer is Brent Smith.

1.Shinedown – Diamond Eyes (With Lyrics)
2.Shinedown – “The Human Radio” (Official Video)
3.Shinedown – State Of My Head Lyrics
4.Shinedown – Sound Of Madness [Official Music Video]
5.Shinedown – Attention Attention (Official Audio)
6.Shinedown – Get Up (Official Video)
7.Shinedown – Darkside (Official Audio) /watch?v=OmcHOGkfV5c
8.Shinedown – Monsters (Official Audio)
9.Shinedown – “Devil” (Official Video)
10.Shinedown – Brilliant (Official Audio) 
11.Shinedown – Cut The Cord (Official Video)
12.Shinedown – special (Official Audio)
15. Shinedown – “Dysfunctional You”
17. Shinedown – “A Symptom Of Being Human”
19. Shinedown – “Dead Don’t Die”


Newboys Lead singer is Michael Tait.

1.Newsboys – That’s How You Change The World
2.Newsboys – We Believe (Official Music Video)
3.Newsboys – Restart (Lyric Video)
4.Newsboys – God’s Not Dead
5.Newsboys – Jesus Paid It All (Lyrics)
6.Newsboys – Greatness Of Our God (Official Lyric Video)
7.Newsboys – Crazy (Official Music Video)
8.Newsboys – Guilty (Official Music Video)
9.Newsboys – The King is Coming (Lyrics)
10.Newsboys – Miracles
11.Newsboys – Beautiful Story
13. Newsboys – “Live With Abandon”
14. Newsboys – “Ain’t It Like Jesus”
16. Newsboys – ” I speak Jesus”


Nickelback lead singer is Chad Kroeger.

1.Nickelback – If everyone cared
2.Nickelback – When we stand together
3.Nickelback – Edge of a revolution
4.Nickelback – What Are You Waiting For?
5.Nickelback – Coin for the Ferryman [Audio]
6.Nickelback – For The River [Audio]
7.Nickelback – After The Rain [Lyric Video]
8.Nickelback – Must Be Nice [Lyric Video]
9.Nickelback – Silent Majority

Thousand Foot Krutch

Thousand Foot Krutch lead singer is Trevor McNevan.

1.Thousand Foot Krutch – Fly On The Wall
2.Thousand Foot Krutch – Light Up The Sky (Lyrics)
3.Thousand Foot Krutch – Born This Way (Official Audio)
4.Thousand Foot Krutch – Untraveled Road (Lyric Video)
5.Thousand Foot Krutch – We Are (Lyrics)
6.Thousand Foot Krutch – War Of Change (Lyrics)
7.Thousand Foot Krutch – Honest (Lyric Video)
8.Thousand Foot Krutch – So Far Gone (Lyrics)
9.Thousand Foot Krutch – Somebody (Lyrics)


Lead Singer are David Draiman and Erich Awalt

1.Disturbed – Land of confusion
2.Disturbed – Sound of silence
3.Disturbed – The Vengeful One [Official Music Video]
4.Disturbed – Immortalized [Official Lyric Video]
5.Disturbed – The Best Ones Lie [Official Lyrics Video]

Five Fingure Death Punch

Lead Singer is Ivan L. Moody

1.Five Finger Death Punch – I Apologize
2.Five Finger Death Punch – The Pride
3.Five Finger Death Punch – Sham Pain (Official Video)
4.Five Finger Death Punch – Lift Me Up
5.Five Finger Death Punch – Wrong side of heaven


Lead Singer is Sully Erna

1. Godsmack – “I Stand Alone”
2.Godsmack – When Legends Rise (Official Audio)

3. Godsmack -“Bulletproof” (Director’s cut)
4.Godsmack – Unforgettable
5.Godsmack – Eye of the Storm

Imagine Dragons

Lead Singer is Dan Reynolds

1.Imagine Dragons – Radioactive
2.Imagine Dragons – Demons
3.Imagine Dragons – Whatever It Takes (Lyrics / Lyric Video)
4.Imagine Dragons – Bleeding Out {Lyrics}
5.Imagine Dragons – On Top Of The World


Lead Singer is Bart Millard


Lead Singer is TobyMac

1.TobyMac – Til The Day I Die (Lyric Video) ft. NF
2.TobyMac – Feel It ft. Mr. Talk Box
3.TobyMac – I’m Sorry (a lament) (Lyric Video)
4.TobyMac – Help Is On The Way (Maybe Midnight)
5.TobyMac – Unstoppable [Lyrics]
8. Toby Mac – “Faithfully”

Casting Crowns

Lead Singer is Mark Hall
1.Casting Crowns – Nobody
2.Casting Crowns – Only Jesus
3.Casting Crowns – Who Am I (w/ lyrics)
4.Casting Crowns – Glorious Day (Living He loved me)

Falling in Reverse

Lead Singer is Ronnie Radke
1.Falling In Reverse – “Losing My Life”
2.Falling In Reverse – “Popular Monster”
3.Falling In Reverse – “Watch The World Burn”
4.Falling In Reverse – “Voices In My Head”
5.Falling in Reverse “Loosing my Mind”

Matthew West

Lead Singer is Matthew West
1.Matthew West – Broken Things (Lyric Video)
2.Matthew West – Grace Wins
3.Matthew West – “Miracle Time”
4.Matthew West – “Walking Miracles”
5. Matthew West – “Hard Season” 

Papa Roach

Lead Singer Jacoby Shaddix

1. Papa Roach – “Last Resort”
2. Papa Roach – “Face Everything And Rise”
3. Papa Roach – “Born For Greatness (Lyric Video)”
4. Papa Roach – “American Dreams (Official Video)”

Pop Evil

1. Pop Evil – “Footsteps”
2. Pop Evil – “Be Legendary ”
3. Pop Evil – “Eye of the Storm”
4, Pop Evil – “Skeltons ”

Out of the 16 groups listed on this page there are a combined of 152 songs that speaks God’s Message to the people form these Saints, artists or singers who have had the connection to deliver to the people of what is God’s message.

There are over 100 different Singers, groups or Artists listed on my site that all relate of God’s Message to the world.

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