Videos made in recognition for the new world from author

These are some videos that I have made over the years that can help show some insight on what I believe with me saying that I may be the spoken one from the bible to bring forth a new world order to the world without no more war. It also shows in a few videos how I say the music has been pointing me out over the years if you listen closely for the chosen one for the world and events to occur in the near future. I would like for you to listen too, but you don’t have to believe, just consider what I address is to come to the people in the near future.

Mark of the Beast

Scott Chally

Scott Chally Part II
Scott Chally Part III
5 Questions that will make you think!!!
411 New world policy

Life Depends On This Video!

Do you believe?
Does this prove the second coming?
Commencement of the second coming…
This video proves that Christ exists!!!

Do you believe? (Song edition!)

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