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  1. Please Feel Free To Write Your Rating Of What You Think Of My Two Books Are If You Have Read Them And Comment On Them. They are Do You Believe Is It Real Or Fiction and The Beeping Brothers Road To Success.

    You may also COMMENT on THE MUSIC AND VIDEOS from my site.

  2. Thanks Jesse I’m glad you enjoyed the book it’s about the new world what it can be like and a lot of comedy in between have a great day thanks Scott

  3. The Beeping Brothers Road to Success

    This is not your everyday book! It keeps you wanting to read more and more to see what happenes next. You can tell the the author Scott Chally put his feelings and thoughts into this book and that is one of the reasons why I liked it so much, it makes you think on others views. This book definitely made me chuckle and say “Oh My!”
    Good job Scott, I hope you can turn this book into a movie.

    1. Thanks Joanie,
      I’m glad you like reading the book. You can definitely say there are twists to the book, with a wondering outcome as you read it with lots of laughs.

  4. Book had a lot of funny parts in it. Very good written for his second book. Very good book for your kids to read. Over all a good book 11/10

    1. Thanks, Donald

      Thanks for your rating for the book. Makes me feel proud that you liked it by giving me a 11 out of 10. But it I can see may be a good book for adolescence to learn about life but it is still a rated R book.

  5. This book is a must read. Author Scott Chally brings his imagination to life while writing his book. The level of detail within the book proves Scott spent a long time perfecting it. This book has a little bit of everything: comedy, romance, thriller, and even political. I highly recommend Beeping Brothers Road to Success because you will find yourself smiling throughout the entire read!

    1. Thanks Ronald,

      You have given me a great review. Yes it took a while before i had start writing because of how I wanted it to come out for the reader. But the time I had spent I believe had paid off for my fans and is inspiring me to write another book.

      Thanks from Scott Chally

  6. The Beeping Brothers Road to Success by Scott Chally takes you on an entertaining journey through the life of Scott Chally and family. This multidimensional story is written in a manor where the reader is left wondering if the story-line is fact or fiction. As it takes you through their journey you get to experience many exciting and challenging aspects of how they started and grew their business. Along the way the reader gets to experience twists, turns, and drama when they find themselves in a sticky situation. Throughout the story there is plenty of comedy, adult humor that will surely make you chuckle out loud. As the story progresses you get a deeper look into the mind of the author as he interweaves parts of his previous book into this story. In the end the book lives up to the authors promise and finishes with an interesting twist. If you’re looking for a unique book unlike anything you’ve read before I highly recommend you give ‘The Beeping Brothers Road to Success’ a read.

    1. Thanks Jason for the excellent review.

      You can say I tried hard to make this book most interesting for the reader to enjoy with as many twist’s and angles to think about for intenseness purposes. I had brought as much to the story line as i felt necessary to make it a long novel without trying to bring boredom to the reader. And, yes I took a previous book into the second half of the book to make an even better story.

      Thanks again Scott Chally

  7. This book has a little bit of everything, which made it truly a work of art. The author, Scott Chally, wrote in a way that kept the reader engaged. Whenever I thought I knew what was going to happen next, there was always a more exciting and creative plot ahead. I would highly recommend The Beeping Brothers Road to Success to friends and family. A great read!

  8. Thanks Bruce, Great review,

    I have got to say that it makes me very proud to have you put your wording in such a way that makes me feel I have accomplished the job for writing the book for the people to make a great read. Let your friends and possibility people that you come in contact with for a good conversation know about this book.

    Thank you!!!
    Scott Chally

  9. The Beeping Brothers Road to Success is a book that has something for everyone! Whether you are looking for a romance book or a comedy, it provides both! The book orchestrates the life of Scott Chally and his family and the hardships they have to overcome. Scott really put a lot of thought into this book, and it paid off. He has a wonderful imagination that is portrayed through the scenes and characters in his book. The novel really does make you think, and relate back to your own life! The characters and scenes all have a lot of detail, with the ending pulling the book all together. I can’t wait for the next book!

    1. Thanks Rebecca

      I was looking to do something different when I wrote this book, to make a multi level book for the fans. To enjoy comedy, romance, drama, suspense, religion and even some politic’s to bring together an awesome read. I am really glad you enjoyed the book Rebecca. Don’t be afraid to tell your friends and family about the book.

      Truly Welcome, SCOTT CHALLY!!!

  10. I LOVED The beeping brothers road to success. I think the Arthur really put a lot of thought into writing this book. I feel it has a lot of crazy funny parts that made me laugh so hard out loud while I read in bed each night before going to sleep for the night. I awoke my husband a few times, he would ask what was so funny. The book was a little slow in a few parts and had a little to much detail, but after reading I understand why. The reason I LOVED the book so much was because it was suspenseful, action, fiction, could be real life as happen in book, soul, feelings, love, scarey, risk, everything except murder. This book makes you think about the possibilites of life. I would recommend this book to everyone. Thank you Scott Chally (AUTHOR OF THE BOOK) for sharing your story, it was a joy!!!!! I hope to be able to read your next book. I rate your book a 9.7 out of 10. P.S. I think it would make a great TV series or movie. Thank You, Lori Johnston.

    1. Thanks Lori for the awesome review,
      I like how you rated it a 9.7 out of 10 it would be really hard to get a perfect 10. But it does show that it is good. Yes I did put a lot of time in thinking how to write this novel without having violence in it or very little. I also tried to relate too what would be possible in human life to make up the comedy for people to laugh about, but still have a solid story behind it.

      Thanks Lori I may be writing my next novel starting in November about dreams…

  11. The Beeping Brothers Road to Success is a book that really took me by surprise. It started off fairly simple with some light humor, but as the story progressed, the plot became more complex along with the characters. Each character introduced in the book is memorable and serves their own purpose, despite how minute the character may be. The humor also develops itself as the book goes on, with all sorts of humor ranging from intentional cringe-worthy moments all the way witty situations. The book takes several turns and has distinct moments of suspense where I was genuinely curious how the characters could overcome the situation. The book lulls a bit in the second half but quickly picks back up for a delightful ending that wraps everything together. Overall this was an enjoyable read that had me laughing, connecting with the characters, and awaiting the outcome of suspenseful moments.

    1. Thanks James, For the GREAT REVIEW
      I tried to make it as funny as I could without it being sick funny or funny that would make the story less credible, but yet for the audience to be able to connect with as what they may deal with everyday life. YES, the book also has a lot of suspenseful moments, which I myself find good to have for a story to bring in the reader to connect better with to make more enjoyable read. Sorry you felt it may have slowed up a little bit on the second half of the story but for everything to come together I ad to do this to understand about the New world order with how the Messiah to be knowen.
      Thanks again James for the great review.

  12. The Beeping Brothers Road to Success what a fun book to read! From lighthearted silly fun to serious situations, this book was such a great trip through the author’s experiences. Laughter at scenes unfamiliar to me and everything in between. Loved that it is set in Iowa… made the experience that much more fun knowing the places these characters grew up. Great overall!

    1. Thanks Chris

      I’m glad you liked the book Chris. But remember this is written as a fiction book, with situations that could happen in everyday life. What I wanted to bring to the attention of the audience to make it a fantastic read. I would like to say thout 60% of the book is based on real life experience. So it made it a little easier for me as an author to write. They are real locations in Iowa what I used in the book. Thanks Chris for your great overall comment.
      Thanks, From Scott L. Chally

  13. Scott I enjoyed both books. I loved the definite small town feel to them. Possibly the next great American novel in one of these! Also I could see successful film adaptation here! Who would you want YOU, Scott? Giving you a 9 my friend!

    1. Thanks Tracee
      I’m glad you liked them. Zamm Boola i’m uncertain who would play some of the characters. But for The Beeping Brothers Road To success, I would like to play me in my older years, at least i would like to but who knows if I get them into movies. But I would be happy if it does happen. A 9 for Zamm Boola is my low number for it so far, I’m had 5 other people read it as far as the 5th of February and 9.5 was from two of them and 3 individuals had given me a 10 but either way you look at it a 9 is very good 🙂 Thanks Again Tracee for the great review!!!

  14. I appreciated Zamm Boola for its suspense, mystery, and goofy humor. This book had so much to offer and any reader would find themselves having a difficult time putting it down. The journey of four friends to the Congo jungle on a trip to find any existing relatives turns into a whirlwind of dreams mixed with a crazy reality, which puts the reader through a true adventure. You never really know what will happen next and I appreciate that in a book! Overall wonderfully entertaining read that comes recommended from this avid reader. This would make a remarkable movie!

  15. Zamm Boola is such an amazing book that keeps you on your toes the entire time. I read it from front to finish and I couldn’t put it down. Scotts humor and story-writing is truly unmatched. 5/5 would recommend to a friend.

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